Hebridean Meats

Tolsta Chaolais Beef and Tolsta Chaolais Mutton taste very good indeed

In Tolsta Chaolais we do not rush our animals

We breed Hebridean Blackface sheep and Highland Cattle - two breeds that mature slowly.

Our ewes are two and a half years old before they go to the ram.

We do not slaughter lambs any more than we slaughter calves for veal, and our heather fed mutton is as different from lamb as good beef is from veal.

All Tolsta Chaolais meat comes from animals that are more than two years old when slaughtered.

Our sheep and cattle live on the hills and moors ranging far and foraging among the heather, living a proper life.

We like eating meat, but would rather turn vegetarian than eat the sort of meat that is commonly found in the shops and on the tables of this country.

We believe that moving live animals long distances is inhumane and it spoils the meat - All Tolsta Chaolais mutton and beef is slaughtered on the island.

We slaughter in the autumn and deliver and deliver in plenty of time for Christmas.

The meat is cut, vacuum packed, and delivered to our customers throughout mainland UK.


Minimum quantities

One sheep

(20 - 25 kilos of meat)

One quarter of beef

( 30 - 40 kilos of meat)


Beef - £13.00 per kilo

Mutton - £9.00 per kilo

To order - phone Ali and Sandy Granville - 01851 621722 or 07876 504463

Contact Us for further information, or visit our website - Hebridean Meat

(WARNING: Eating this meat may permanently spoil your palate for eating the ordinary stuff)